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Reading Head Start™ Review

Most of us were too young to remember how we were taught to read. For the most part, we can recollect mumbling words in school, but the details are hazy.

The truth of the matter is that most kids learn to read too late. While they may still be able to read, mastering this skill at an earlier age actually makes them more intelligent as they get older.

Parents usually just point to letters and expect their kids to either memorize the sounds and rhyming words or follow along to what they’re reading. Very often, these unstructured methods of teaching tend to slow down the child’s ability to master the skill.

You need a proven plan and proper technique to educate your child and get them to read without having to struggle through the learning process. You can’t wing this. It has to be done right.
Over the past year or so, one particular reading program has helped more parents teach their kids to read than any other out there. Reading Head Start has sold thousands of subscriptions and is just as popular as ever.
Let’s take a closer look at why it’s considered to be one of the best reading programs out there…

What Is Reading Head Start?

A Complete Curriculum of Guided Reading Lessons That Easily Transforms ANY Parent Into Their Childs Favorite Teacher. Hundreds of Lessons, Activities, Workbooks, Games And Movies In An Ever Growing Member Section, Keeps Parents Coming Back Month After Month! This Is A Product You Can Be Proud To Get Behind And Makes A Real Difference In Parents And Children’s Lives.

The Good Points :

1) The product is proven. It’s an online bestseller with thousands of copies sold and there are many positive customer reviews. The sales video even shows a boy (18-month old Caleb) reading quite easily because his parents applied the techniques in Reading Head Start. This is fantastic social proof of the efficacy of this program.

2) The program creator, Sarah Shepherd, was an English teacher for 14 years. She’s experienced and knows exactly what young children need to help them master reading at an early age.

3) If there’s one word that can be used to describe Reading Head Start, it would be – simplicity. The program is broken down into 4 phases and you’ll need to take your child through each phase in a step-by-step manner. The instructions are simple and straightforward. No guessing here. Each phase has a little certificate of completion to help encourage your child.

4) Speed is another selling point of this program. You only need to spend 15 minutes a day with your child practicing the methods described in Reading Head Start. This is enough time to keep the child interested and engaged rather than going on too long and making them bored and irritable. Less is more… and Reading Head Start gets that.

5) You’ll also receive more value in the form of extra bonuses that accompany this course. The bonuses you’ll get are:

* The Fun with Words Book Series.
* Interactive Reading Games
* Incredible Reading Shortcuts

6) Besides these points, we found something very kind on the official website. It states that when you sign up, “we also sponsor a child’s education in a far off country less fortunate, all in your name.” You don’t have to pay anything extra. A percentage of the sale goes towards helping a child in need. This is a wonderful gesture on the vendor’s part.

7) The course has 3 different membership plans. You could choose monthly, yearly or lifetime. Depending on the age of your children and if you’re planning on having a few more in future, you can sign up for the option that’s best suited for you.

8) The product is backed by a 60-day money back guarantee (365-day money back guarantee). There’s zero risk for you. Give the product a try and see if you like it. If it’s not for you, you can always get a refund.

The Bad Points :

1) The sales video uses cartoons and while that’s ok, it would have helped if Sarah Shepherd appeared on the video. The product works, but the sales video could have been more convincing.

2) Another thing that didn’t sit too well with us was the hype in the video. It’s totally unnecessary because this is a legitimate product with lots of positive reviews. Saying that Sarah might lose her job for exposing these reading secrets is a bit of a stretch. There’s no secret ‘shadow government’ trying to stop kids from reading.

3) Another claim in the sales video was that the techniques will help to reverse dyslexia. This is not true. The program will help kids with dyslexia cope better and learn how to read more easily, but it’s NOT a cure.

These 3 mildly negative points shouldn’t take away from the fact that Reading Head Start is an excellent product. Nothing’s perfect, but this product comes close to it, as far as a reading instructional program goes.

Should You Get it?

Yes! This is one of the best products covering this topic. We love products that address one specific topic. All too often, parenting/child education books try to cover too many topics in one book.
The end result is a tome that’s intimidating to read and contains a lot of information spanning a wide range of issues, but none are covered in depth.

Reading Head Start is focused on only one thing – to make your child an excellent reader. That’s all it’s about and the product delivers on its promises. If you want your child to master reading at an early age, this program is all you need. Give it a try today and you’ll be so glad you did.

Reading Head Start™ By Sarah Shepard | Must Read Details

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